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Eashara Homes is a family owned company based in Victoria, Australia. Founded in 2001, we've significantly grown our trusted reputation as Victorians’ go-to custom home designer and builder.

Luxury homes tailored to you

Your new home is about you and your lifestyle. At Eashara Homes, we start with clients’ expectations and build on them to create homes that impress, excite and satisfy your needs.

We understand that our clients expect the best, so to meet their expectations every time we ensure we provide the following:

  • cutting edge house designs
  • construction using the highest quality materials
  • incomparable attention to detail
  • unbeatable customer service
  • flexibility throughout the process to ensure your requests are met. 

Our reputation for building exclusive luxury residences for clients is something we will never compromise on.

Unique designs crafted from quality 

To create a truly unique design for each client, our team invests a significant amount of time on every aspect of the homebuilding process. 

This involves selecting the finest quality materials and exploring new design possibilities to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with the finished product. Add quality craftsmanship and careful attention to detail and the results are homes that our clients love for years to come.

We are involved at every step of the way

Moving away from conventional builders, we believe our best work is done on site, not in an office. This 100% hands on, always-present approach allows us to constantly achieve the level of quality and creative flair we strive for.

Get in touch 

To discuss your dream home, contact the friendly, professional team at Eashara Homes today.