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For over ten years, Eashara Homes has been designing and building quality Australian homes. Our custom homes are a cut above, with a focus on customer satisfaction, exceptional design and liveability.

A holistic approach to house design

An Eashara home is tailored to the individual tastes of our clients, who appreciate the philosophy behind the design and build.

Our philosophy draws on the expertise of our designers and builders, combining both their eye for detail and strategic construction knowledge. This means we deliver unique homes that can’t be replicated. 

Why choose Eashara Homes?

There are many reasons to choose Eashara Homes as your home designer and builder. You are guaranteed peace of mind, knowing our homes are:

  • built with the highest quality materials
  • designed and built to last
  • great value for money
  • designed to maximise liveability
  • designed to ensure energy efficiency.

Our homes focus on liveability

We understand that creating a home is a labour of love. That’s why we approach each design and build by always considering the needs of our clients. By keeping their taste, needs and budget in mind at every stage of the process, we can create highly liveable homes that honour their expectations.

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